Back to Work ?!!

The whole week at work had just zoomed pass again without me having time to dwell on my ‘lumps’. In the meantime as well, I managed also to slot some of my time to go in again to see Dr Zul on the lumps on my thighs.

Before seeing him, I had already made up my mind that I do not want to see him anymore. With the non-stop medical bills coming in to the company and my limit already exhausted, I can’t afford to be seeing two specialists at one time. So, I casually mentioned that I am seeing Dr Chan (the chest specialist) and I would actually like to ‘monitor’ the lumps on my thighs first. Surgery was definitely out of the question for the time being, considering the hassle of not being able to walk properly after that.

I told Dr Zul that I will probably be trying out the medications that Dr Chan has given me for a month or two first and if the lumps do not appear to grow smaller, then we would probably consider a biopsy. He was okay with that but advised me to remove one (to be tested) if they don’t grow smaller as they might have nothing to do at all with the virus they found in the lump they removed from my neck.

Already weighed down by the fact that I have to ‘consume’ eight pills a day right after I wake up – I had actually wanted to take this opportunity to clear my mind and think about it carefully before proceeding with anything. I had gotten quite a bit frustrated at home, mostly due to the fact that I hate pills (I don’t even take vitamins) and to add further agony, I have to force myself swallow them in the morning (with plain water! – those who know me well knows that I do not drink plain water!)

Dad has suggested that I try traditional medicine instead. According to both mom and dad, specialists sometimes will make a small issue big and that’s how they earn $$$. I do not know how true this is, but if I ever get sick of downing pills in the near future, I might agree with them. So, in order to console myself, I planned to have these pills probably for two months – then I will see (check) whether these lumps get smaller or not – if not, I will perhaps really go to see a Chinese physician for traditional medicine.

Hopefully by that time, I do not need to down anymore pills…



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