I have good news and bad news…

Good news…

Finally got my old rickety computer replaced. Am typing this with the new one – at least now I can view newer version webpages with no problems. Esp when checking Hotmail – it was very irritating to have the error message keep popping up. Even as I am typing this, I can view lots of new buttons that could not be viewed in my old computer (I was surprised to find out that even the office computer doesn’t support Blogger’s newer version.

Bad news… 😦

Another letter from the developer has finally arrived. Now it is demanding almost RM40k. Money from the purchaser is still not in yet. Going to have even more sleepness nights. Getting extremely angry, will definitely think of some revenge (grrrr…)

Not only that, something terrible happened at the office. For further story, refer True Customer Tales

Why? Why???


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