Dear Bloggie (have decided to call you that),

I wonder if it’s that difficult for some people to say no – me and my family included. Someone in the neighbourhood is getting married. Some of the neighbourhood people are invited.

Next door auntie asked mom if she and another next door auntie can ‘tumpang’ her car to the wedding dinner. Mom was a bit hesitant in agreeing, gave one lame excuse and came back to complain to me and dad. You see, mom doesn’t like auntie a lot, so she simply refuses to let her travel with her to the dinner. The lame excuse: we only have one car and probably she will need to ‘pick me up’ before the dinner at the office (cos I’m working) and then go to the restaurant straight – so that’s why she might not be able to ‘tumpang’ them. In order to sound nice and not ‘disappoint’ auntie, she sort of promised that if our new car comes back, she can give them a lift, cos then I will have my car and they don’t need to pick me up and you know what I mean….

But then after that, she started to worry about really getting the car on time for the wedding cos now she said she doesn’t want this auntie to get the privilege to travel in her new car. So – there was this argument about it that note, with ideas on actually ‘hiding’ the car in OUG so that they can’t ‘tumpang’ us. Oh gawd….

The thing is, I am not even invited to the dinner and I am forced to go just becos mom can’t say no and doesn’t like this auntie.

Can believe that?? These people resorting to hiding a car? I mean — we bought the car with money out of our pocket, we didn’t owe the bank money, it’s not a stolen car, so why the heck HIDE IT ??!!


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