I’m dead tired.

After 2 days of intensive invigilation who wouldn’t?

After seeing the state and ‘experiencing’ an invigilation other than BC’s, I finally discover that BC is such a beautiful place.

First of all, the college that I went to for the ‘job’ was in one of the busiest streets in Malaysia. It was veryold and in a not-very-study-or-exam-oriented state.

Plastic chairs, small tables, overcrowded rooms. Even the checking of ID proved extremely difficult. You can’t do so without disturbing the candidates. (which I think its not very fair to them)

I was made the chief for the four sessions (2 per day). Making announcements was part of it. The thing is, I am very comfortable making the announcements, not that the students understand what I am saying anyway, so even if I made a mistake, they wuld not notice. However, during one session, ‘the big shot’ was standing next to me.It was so stressful that I fumbled and mumbled.

The so-called assistant invigilators wasn’t that great either. The two students were fine, at least they didn’t know what to do, they just followed our instructions and are really vigilant. But when it comes to the other one, who claimed to be a secondary school teacher is when things start to irritate me. It seems like she is there just to ‘accompany’ the students take an exam rather than ‘invigilate’ the exam. She will just sit there in front of the room of 70 students. (there is one point when i saw that she nearly doozed off). For heaven’s sake, she is a teacher and she could not even differentiate am and pm! – seriously!!

The students, one the other hand, having to take an exam for a professional course, could not understand simple English and kept speakign to me in Mandarin. Although I could understand what they are asking, i could not really answer them. There was one point when I was looking at them flipping through their dictionaries, I thought of distributing BC classes brochures to them. (kehkeh)

Anyway, the most difficult part has already gone by and hopefully, I have left a good impression enough to land me another round in their coming examinations..


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